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KFortier Studios

KFortier Studios is the official school of Ballet Apetrei. All classes are taught using the Russian Vaganova method. The dancenter is a professional ballet school offering classes for ages four through adults, as well as classes in other disciplines including jazz and contemporary. All students enrolled in the dancenter have the opportunity to perform in Ballet Apetrei's production of the Nutcracker each December and also in the Studio's school recital in May

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4-5 year olds are introduced to ballet technique and physical coordination as they learn basic positions, stretches, and steps through various games and activities. Students will also learn a ballet dance for the May recital.

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Level I

5-8-year-olds gain a better understanding and knowledge of ballet technique through slightly more advanced steps and exercises; 7 and 8-year-olds begin to use the barre in ballet class. Students will also learn a ballet dance for the May recital.

Level II

9-11 year olds continue their ballet training as they start to incorporate more advanced movements and prepare to begin pointe within the next couple of years. Students will also learn a ballet dance for the May recital.

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Level III

12-year-olds and above continue to strengthen their ballet technique and begin to take Pre-Pointe, Pointe, and Contemporary. Students will learn a ballet, pointe, and contemporary dance for the May recital if enrolled in those classes.

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Level IV

13-year-olds and above continue to strengthen their ballet, pointe, and contemporary technique. At this stage, dancers have the opportunity to audition for the company, Ballet Apetrei. Students will learn various pieces and variations for the May recital, and if accepted into the Company, they will have additional performance opportunities.

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